Hybrid Implants

This revolutionary implant utilizes a minimally invasive protocol similar to smaller diameter MDI implant, expanding minimally invasive implantology to denture stabilization in softer bone and single tooth replacement in areas with limited interproximal space.

Looking for a new denture stability solution in softer, maxillary bone? Your new minimally invasive solution has arrived! The NEW MDI 2.9mm Hybrid Implant, available now, offers an innovative treatment plan for replacing teeth in small spaces and softer bone. With ideal designs for both fixed and removable treatment plans and innovative features to enhance stability and esthetics, the addition of the 2.9mm Hybrid implant dramatically increases MDI treatment capabilities, and to keep it simple, MDI Hybrid implants are placed using the same MDI instrumentation kit used to place all diameters of MDI implants (1.8mm, 2.1mm and 2.4mm).

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