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Welcome to the @UK PLC Investor Relations Centre

Fund Raising


  • £ 1/2 million raised at 11p (2.5% premium to share price)


Reasons for Fund Raising


  • Large number of sales opportunities in 2012
  • Experian Credit Rating  - Used by Government
  • Positive Balance sheet - larger contracts


Key Recent Milestones

  • October 2010 - Richard Benyon Minister for Natural Environment launches Green Marketplace
  • February 2011 - National Audit Office uses Spend Insight for NHS Procurement study
  • April 2011 - £ 1 m contract with Universities
  • August 2011 - GeM Marketplace for Universities goes live on time and budget
  • September 2011 - Schools Marketplace
  • September 2011 - NHS Carbon Footprint Project
  • November 2011 - Launch of BASDA Green and Utilities XML
  • December 2011 - £1/2 million fund raising

@UK PLC is the UK's leading cloud company with over 1 million users, and its unique ability to identify and realise significant savings for the public and private sectors.

The National Audit Office used @UK PLC artificial intelligence technology for its 'The procurement of consumables by NHS acute and Foundation trusts' report, to identify over £ 500 million of savings.

@UK PLC's unique ecommerce marketplace delivers the savings, and Universities and Colleges have signed up in a nationwide deal to the ecommerce marketplace as part of a transformational £ 1 million contract.

  • 1 million value over 5 years
  • 400k first year plus 4 x 150k subsequent years
  • RNS Details - (Contract management system and ecommerce marketplace)

Press coverage of @UK PLC is in the success stories section of the main site.


Business model

@UK PLC identifies savings using SpendInsight, customers realise the savings using the e-commerce marketplace which is paid for via an annual fee.  Suppliers can trade with paying buyers free of charge, and then pay to be on the public marketplace.  The suppliers that pay generally have 10x sales vs equivalent free suppliers.  Suppliers pay for e-commerce sites via an annual fee.

The e-commerce sites are often market leaders in their sectors and @UK PLC uses its e-commerce system to sell company formations, domain names, email and its e-commerce system to start ups.  Only the company formation is a one off payment the other items are renewable annual fees.

The objective is to populate the e-commerce marketplace from the top down via e-procurement and bottom up via start ups.


Richard Benyon Minister for the Natural Environment launched the @UK PLC Green Marketplace on the 7th of October 2010, as part of the launch Findel Education the largest Educational supplier in the UK announced that they were using @UK PLC technology to carbon footprint there products and go carbon neutral.

Since launch @UK PLC has now Carbon foot printed over 46,000 products, this means that @UK PLC has now achieved a 97.5% market share in less than 4 months vs the 4 years that it took the previous global market leader the carbon trust registry to reach 1,200 products.

Investor Site

Here we aim to provide current and potential investors with access to historical and up-to-date information, including share price, press releases, announcements and annual reports, along with other financial related materials and tools.

Incorporated in the UK,our main country of operation is the UK. Our securities have not been admitted to any other trading platforms or exchanges, and there are no restrictions on the transfer of AIM securities.

We are pleased to announce that the information required by AIM Rule 26 is available here on our investor relations website, and was last updated on 21 December 2011.