@UK PLC - The Company

@UK PLC provides comprehensive e-Business solutions to all sizes of organisations from a newly formed company to a major corporate or public sector.

The company's flagship suites, Company Formations, e-Business solutions and Spend Analysis solutions offer customers compelling value propositions:

Company Formations:

One of the leading UK online company formations businesses with over 180,000 companies formed to date using @UK PLC's SiteGenerator e-Commerce engine.

E-Business Solutions:

An integrated suite of applications for any organisation. From setting up a website and selling online through to an entire online ordering process which includes payment, invoicing, delivery and support. The @UK PLC system's central aim is to make online purchasing as simple and cost effective as possible by using @UK PLC proven SiteGenerator software to provide a central database of customers, suppliers, catalogues and websites.

e-Business solutions are leading edge products in the following areas:

  • e-Commerce (b2b and consumer)
  • e-Procurement
  • e-Marketplace

These solutions can also be fully integrated into the major Financial management Systems (SAP, Oracle).

@UK PLC can take a start-up company on the full journey from incorporation to becoming a full online site, with efficient sales and procurement, and robust systems to cope with high growth. For established organisations @UK PLC provides the opportunity to sell online to all market sectors from consumers and small businesses to large corporate and public sector. They can also buy from the @UK PLC e-Marketplace of established suppliers with the flexibility to allow all their own suppliers to join.

Using e-Commerce, e-Procurement and e-Marketplace as a total e-Business solution is a significant advantage over competitive niche systems that focus on one of the three elements. Currently, no other supplier has a product that covers these three areas.

Spend Analysis

A comprehensive set of products and services which can code, classify and enrich purchasing data for large organisation. The streamlined process highlights seven key areas of potential efficiencies and data can be viewed and sorted through an online web based application. The spend analysis solution can include coding via the subsidiary company Coding International and is delivered through the product name SpendInsightTM

@UK PLC developed, sells and delivers the SiteGenerator software application directly in the UK. SiteGenerator powers the e-Commerce, e-Procurement, e-Marketplace and spend analysis systems.


The @UK PLC Group will focus on collaboration with a range of Strategic Partners across the UK and around the world to deliver e-Business and Spend Analysis solutions to different markets and to deliver successful customer projects.

@UK PLC has the commercial, technical and consulting expertise to help select and implement e-Business solutions and software. Channel sales partners will specialise in taking the solutions to market.

Company Values

Team Values

A commitment to innovation, teamwork and professionalism. @UK team members are focused on exceeding customer expectations and empowered to make decisions.


A continued focus on the Green Agenda remains central to @UK PLC's agenda this year.

@UK PLC was a founder signatory to the BASDA green charter and aims to help its' customers acheive measureable reductions in carbon emissions.